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Turmeric is incredibly popular these days, and for good reason. Its anti-inflammatory properties are excellent at fighting the effects of aging, and with a sort of cleaning effect, it’s great for your body as a whole. Our Karuah Activated Turmeric takes this further, mixing in wild food ingredients (Illawarra plum, Rainforest lime, Kakadu plum and mountain pepper) for additional benefits, MSM for sulphur and pineapple bromelain. Order online and start your health journey today!
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What is Activated Turmeric?

If you’re just learning about activated turmeric you might be imagining something like activated almonds. Fortunately for you, Karuah Activated Turmeric is a bit more scientific, giving you all the health benefits of regular turmeric and a whole lot more.

Turmeric is great for your body, but without being activated less than 3% of the turmeric you may consume has any chance of being absorbed. That mean 97% of your turmeric wasted, and 97% of your money down the drain.

By activating it with piperine from black pepper, we give your body everything it needs to absorb the turmeric far better and make as much use of its benefits as possible. As well as enhanced absorption, this also gives it a wide range of additional benefits, which you can learn more about here.

How to Use Karuah Activated Turmeric Capsules

Our turmeric comes in capsule form, making it easy to take daily. We recommend taking 2 capsules a day, although doubling this to 2 in the morning and 2 at night is a good way to start for a few weeks to a month before lowering the dose, if you wish.

Organic Turmeric Capsules

We use organic turmeric for all our activated turmeric products. This turmeric powder is high in curcuminoids and highly anti-inflammatory, even AFTER curcumin has been extracted.

When choosing our products, Aussie Superfoods always opts for the best quality whole food available. This allows us to create incredibly high-quality products and ensures we don’t have to rely on food fragments at all.

An Additional Blend of Wild Foods

The beneficial effects from turmeric/piperine are not unique. Many Australian wild foods have been shown to be anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and healing in many other ways too. They’re great at helping us overcome the wear and tear of the modern life and diet.

The wild foods you’ll find in our Karuah Activated Turmeric include:

  • Illawarra plum
  • Kakadu plum
  • Mountain pepper
  • Anise myrtle

For more information on wild foods, download this chapter from my book. It will give you greater insights into the real value of the phytonutrients in wild foods.

Other Additional Ingredients

Karuah Activated Turmeric is packed with a huge range of other beneficial active ingredients. These include:

Enzymes for Metainflammation

By including wild foods in our turmeric we pack in live enzymes. These are enzymes that, like their name, are living. They haven’t been cooked or damaged, ensuring your body can receive as much of their benefits as possible.

Live enzymes are known to attack the scar-like tissues left behind from metaflammation (metabolic inflammation) reactions, senescent (non-active) cells and other effects of ageing. Pineapple core is a good source of the enzyme bromelain, acting like a cleaner for your body.

It eats away and blockages and debris in your vessels, lymphatics and such to leave things squeaky clean and working in top condition. You can read more about bromelain here.

Methyl Sulfonylmethane (MSM)

Then we have MSM (methyl sulfonylmethane), which is rich in organic sulphur (around 34%). Sulfur is one of the most common elements in the body, coming in close behind calcium and phosphorus. It’s known as “Nature’s Beauty Mineral”, and is one of the key ingredients in a range of beauty products. This is because of the effect it has on connective tissues, joints and muscles and skin, and how it supports skin elasticity, smoothness and youth.
It has many similar anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects as turmeric, which is why we’ve included it in our Activated Turmeric.

How Karuah Activated Turmeric Helps Your Body

Karuah Activated Turmeric has what we call a cleaning effect. It’s excellent at keeping your body working the way it should, as efficiently as possible. At Aussie Superfoods, we believe there’s no such thing as a cleansing diet, only a damaging one. With a modern diet, you’re missing a lot of the anti-inflammatories, antioxidants, live enzymes (not cooked and killed), anti-allergens, antiproliferatives and anti-cancer components your body needs to stay healthy.

Many of us limit the range of foods we eat to less than 1/10th the number that Indigenous Australians ate over a year. While your typical supermarket only offers about 17 typical fruits and vegetables, indigenous people in Australia, Africa and the Americas relied on around 500 different foods annually. The result is a diet that is narrow and restricted, missing a lot of the essential nutrients we need. Even organic produce can’t make up for this restricted diet. And while we can’t do much about the falling nutritional quality of our foods, we can add back nutrients in the form of whole foods.

Karuah Activated Turmeric is vegetarian and in slow release capsules to ensure the mixture gets through your stomach to the intestines. This lets your gut flora take care of it and counteract some of the effects of stress, poor diet, and inadequate exercise. Combined with a healthy diet and habits, it’s the perfect foundation for a lifetime of health. It can aid in healthy digestion, decrease flatulence, protect the liver, and even reduce free radicals formed in the body.

  • Supports Digestive System Health
  • Supports healthy joints and can alleviate joint pain
  • Enhance general health
  • 100% vegan friendly, no GMO ingredients

Karuah Activated Turmeric Capsules and LIFE

Karuah Activated Turmeric is an ideal companion to a daily dose of LIFE (Lyophilized Indigenous Food Essentials)™ delivering the synergistic effects from the wide range of ingredients in both products.

If you’re taking turmeric as a supplement for the first time, we recommend consulting with a healthcare professional first. While rare, there are people who encounter negative side effects when consuming turmeric. Your healthcare professional will be able to give you a
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    Karuah Activated Turmeric with phytonutrient rich wild foods Twin pack (2 months)

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    Karuah Activated Turmeric with phytonutrient rich wild foods 3-pack (3 months)

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