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  • LIFE – Superfood blend with phytonutrient rich wild foods 3 x 300 capsules (3 months)

LIFE – Superfood blend with phytonutrient rich wild foods 3 x 300 capsules (3 months)


L.I.F.E. (Lyophilized Indigenous Food Essentials)™ – Now in enteric coated capsules.

Five (5) capsules twice a day totaling 10 capsules daily is the equivalent to our 5g recommended dose. At this rate it is like eating over 2kg of fresh vegetables in weight but still massively more diverse in terms of the supply of important micronutrients that we need and which are lacking from modern foods.

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LIFE (Lyophilized Indigenous Food Essentials)™ – Now in enteric coated capsules. 5 capsules twice a day is the equivalent to our 5g recommended dose. Use them as a substitute or in combination to the powder if a higher daily intake is required.

We use high quality, enteric coated, vegetable gelatine capsules which pass through the stomach and dissolve in the intestine. This is where the microflora are fed our mixture and they take the antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, anti-allergens, anti-proliferatives, enzymes and enzyme regulators, minerals and good sugars and do their magic, turning a few tens of thousands of discreet components into hundreds of thousands or more. The enteric coated capsules preserve the live enzymes and other components so that our microbiome gets the maximum access possible.

Just as plants require micro-organisms for their ideal nutrition, we are the same. As one example, plants growing in rich, organic soil have their roots in silica (broken down sand). However, this is useless to the plant until bacteria and fungi convert the silica into bioavailable forms and these enter the root system to be transported up throughout the plant as a structural building block. Without silica, trees would be stunted and it is this factor which has lead agronomists to grow semi-dwarf wheat varieties as our agricultural soils are typically sanitized by the herbicides used in abundance.

Without silica, our tissues, bones and joints could not support themselves and we would be back in the primordial slime (well, almost).

We depend on micro-organisms the same as do plants, other animals and nearly every other multicellular organism. Between our gut flora and the nutrients we consume directly, we regulate the hundreds of thousands of biochemical reactions happening in our cells, our neurones and with our DNA.

LIFE feeds the gut flora that keep us healthy and also delivers compounds we can use as they come (organic acids, enzymes, good sugars, organically bound minerals, etc). It even helps change the species and their numbers and these good bacteria release chemicals that influence our preference for more healthy foods. Nothing like having an army on your side when you need to make sensible food choices, stick to healthy eating and not have to ‘will’ yourself to ‘eat what’s good for you’.

Many people who love LIFE tell us that they enjoy their morning ‘Sour Shot’ and see the capsules as an easy way to top up their nutrition, provide more energy, reduce carbohydrate cravings and feel healthy throughout the day. On those nights you might eat out, the capsules are again convenient as a super-nutritional booster and to help with weight management.

Weight .4 kg