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  • LIFE – Superfood blend with phytonutrient rich wild foods 3 x 150g sachets (3 months)

LIFE – Superfood blend with phytonutrient rich wild foods 3 x 150g sachets (3 months)


By taking LIFE daily, carbohydrate cravings and appetite are reduced, physical and mental energy are boosted and a whole lot starts getting fixed and improved.

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LIFE (Lyophilized Indigenous Food Essentials)

You might be like I was: Low in energy with a workload that was to die for (literally). Mentally foggy and in constant overwhelm made worse by reading books on time management and prioritizing tasks and other stuff that never worked for long. Constantly hungry and not knowing about Hidden Hunger or how I was being driven by my gut microbiome and my own brain to keep eating, looking for nutrients that were missing from our modern foods. I was lucky to actually work professionally in the nutritional analysis of Australian wild foods and now refer to wild foods as the antidote to modern foods.

By taking LIFE daily, carbohydrate cravings are reduced, physical and mental energy are boosted and appetite gets curbed without any need to try using will power to reduce calories (we all know that this just doesn’t work).

And there’s more good news:

Antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, enzymes and enzyme regulators, good sugars and other components in LIFE are powerful phytonutrients with cellular support roles that filter through to boosting your ideal health over time.

Try it for a month. Stop for a few days and see if you can notice the effects over the time that you stop taking these essential nutrients. If you are monitoring blood sugars, blood pressure or other biochemical markers, you may see a marked difference after taking LIFE for even a few weeks.

LIFE is primarily made from freeze-dried (lyophilized) wild foods which haven’t been bred for sweetness. As a result, your first taste might be a little tart but having a heaped teaspoonful of the powder straight on your tongue is quick and easy. Just follow it with a glass of water and your nutritional top up is done for the day.

If you prefer a liquid, add the heaped teaspoonful (5g) to water or any juice.

Personally, I find the taste of LIFE deliciously addictive and knowing what it does for me is all the more rewarding. The evidence for the phytochemicals in wild foods reveals a myriad of effects:

  • slow down your rate of ageing
  • delivers sustained energy
  • sharpens your thinking
  • more stamina and strength and reduces recovery time post-exercise
  • boosts immunity
  • supports organs and biochemical functions
  • and a whole lot more.

Check out this video on phytonutrients for more of what this aussiesuperfood does.

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