Defense Mouth Throat Skin


This is similar in use to the clever dentist who advised his patient to “Just floss the teeth you want to keep”. Use Defense MTS on your teeth, gums and the back of your throat. Use as a hand antimicrobial. And for something completely different, try a single squirt of Defense over your favourite gin-based cocktails. It adds a peppermint-pine aromatic to enhance the juniper in gin.

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Defense is as much a killer of micro-organisms as it is a killer of bland cocktails but it does highlight why Australia lacks a workable definition for functional foods. In any event, try a short spray of Defense into the glass in which you will serve that negroni or gin and tonic.

But back to the antimicrobial effects and the reason we also label Defense as Mouth Throat Skin:

You see, there are micro-organisms that are adapted to life in our mouth including Streptococcus mutans and Porphyromonas gingivalis and others. The last one may even be implicated in Alzheimer’s disease.

You may have also heard about other species of Streptococci which are associated with sore throats (Google Strep throat for more info) and inflamed soft tissues in our mouths.

These free-loaders grab the sugars we eat during meals and snacks and make a tooth-coating, polysaccharide slime from them as a food store because they like to eat 24/7. The problem is that as they ‘munch’ through their stolen meal they make acids and other compounds as by-products and these dissolve the enamel on our teeth paving the way to dental caries, periodontal disease and as mentioned, possibly even Alzheimer’s.

Did you know that dogs and cats will have early signs of periodontal disease from the age of 3 years and it progressively worsens each year?. It can shorten their lives and make the last few years abjectly miserable as vets love to extract your companion's teeth at exhorbitant charges.

Incidentally, we humans get gum infections too. I had a tooth crack some months back and thought nothing of it until the sensitivity to chewing food, brushing and to cold water reminded me that my dentist probably needed another instalment to pay on his top-of-the-range auto or another home renovation or overses holiday.

So I went to lie in that comfortable recliner and after holding my mouth open for what seemed like days, I was informed that I had a choice:

I could have the tooth extracted for a few thousand dollars and a lot of pain. I could eventually enjoy several repeat visits to enjoy the dental chair again and have an implant for health as well as cosmetic reasons but also to stop the teeth to the side of the gap from moving closer and playing havoc with my tooth spacing. I seem to remember the warning that doing nothing was not an option as gum infections can become systemic with lethal consequences on occasion.

The 2nd option was to have the tooth cleaned and the crack pressure-washed out with his dental water pistol and the top of the tooth covered with a crown. This was certainly a temporary measure but would allow me to save up for the extraction and the pleasure of lying, mouth gaping in that well lit reclining lounge.

I chose this latter option and with my credit card account $600 lighter, I headed home, none the wiser that my damaged tooth was still harbouring a population of micro-organisms that intended to make my life a misery some weeks later.

Luckily, when the pain and the loose tooth reminded me that I had to act, I recalled having helped countless dogs and a cat or two to overcome periodontal disease. All it took was using my own Karuah Defense Mist for mouth, throat and skin (MTS) as an oral spray. This works amazingly well against gum bugs and once I evacuated the microbial free-loaders from the deeper recesses of my rear tooth, I had some chance of healing the now very wobbly tooth that seemed to be trying to save me the cost of an extraction.

It took daily spraying my teeth and gums and the infection disappeared in several days. The tooth tightened up and felt normal in a week to a week and a half and has stayed firm. I am back to chewing happily on that tooth again.

Along with the Defense MTS, I also elevated my serving of Karuah ChancaPlus™ to 6 capsules every 8 hours for 3 days and repeated this every week for a few months. I also religiously took its partner product, my Karuah Active Magnesium™ as one scoopful in the evenings a few hours before bed.


Well we not only add strength to our bones and improve bone density if we can get the excess dietary calcium out of our soft tissues and back into circulation but the calcium can be taken up into the enamel of our teeth as well.

It takes adequate magnesium, vitamin D and vitamin K2 (MK7) along with the calcium-gelatinizing effects of our ChancaPlus to supply the ideal conditions to move calcium (and magnesium) into our structural tissues and I will report on the rebuilding of my tooth in months to come. I suspect that the crack will seal up over a month or two.

You see, flossing and those Pikster, pokey thingies can dislodge some of the squatting bacterial tenants between our teeth but some survive so killing them is better and Defense does exactly that.

And there are other benefits:

We add selected essential oils including food grade eucalyptus oil, Australian peppermint and anise myrtle and then additionally, flavour the mix with pine essential oil. These all contain components that have been shown to be effective as broad spectrum antimicrobials but we ensure this by also including a good serve of Herbal-Active®.

Recent work has also shown that selected essential oils are equally effective at inactivating enveloped viruses, such as COVID-19. This is not suggested as a claim of efficacy, just for your information. 

I am not making any claims as Defense is classed as a functional food in the same way as cold tea can be used as a wash for a tear duct infection (a sty) or raw steak (or a bag of frozen peas) on bruises might reduce capillary bleeding.

Incidentally, you can use Defense MTS on your hands, face and even on cuts and abrasions. I have both, Defense and Rainforest Mist in my car for convenience and they both travel with me when I fly interstate or internationally. Karuah Defense does make an excellent, non-alcoholic, non-sticky, hand wash.

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